I am a hustler and need to keep my hustle flow to enjoy my party favors. So it really puts my fucking panties in a wad when I run into a guy that thinks he is going to get this fucking pussy for free. Like really dude? I know I fucking rock when it comes to sucking your dick and fucking you till your balls are drained and your knees are weak and a girl has to have money for her drugs. That shit isn’t cheap. So this dude had a fit when I told him he wasn’t getting any of this for fucking free.  He got real fucking ugly and called me every name in the book. All I could do was laugh at his pitiful ass because I know your right there around the corner ready to open your fucking wallet for a great fuck! Ha, so sorry looser, you get to have a private conversation with your dick and I am going to go make some money fucking the shit out of the guy next door and then sucking his friends cock so I can go get higher then hell and do it all again. Hit me up when your ready to come off the cash and then you can call me a slut and a whore while your cock is deep in my pussy, ass or mouth all warm and cozy.

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