Fun With Nana Camilla

My daddy sent me over to my Nana Camilla’s today because I am home sick from school and he has to work. When I got there Nana Camilla told me that I needed to go lay down in her guest bedroom and she would make me some of her soup so that I could feel all better. She is the best Nana ever. After I ate I fell asleep and did not wake up until the middle of the night. I got up to go to the bathroom which is right next door to my Nana’s room. I heard her making some strange noise and I wanted to know what was going on. I pushed the door open to see my Nana Camilla on top of my daddy bouncing up and down. I froze for a moment until Nana called me over there and said sweetie it is okay this is what I have been doing with your daddy for a very long time it is called incest. We have to keep it our little secret okay sweetie? I said yes to her and asked if I could play too cause Nana Camilla looked like she was having so much fun. Daddy and Nana told me that I could come right over and play. They told me that I needed to take all my clothes off and then Nana Camilla picked me up and sat me right down on top of my daddies face. At first I giggled a lot cause daddies tongue felt so funny on my little cunny. But, the more that Nana Camilla pinched my nipples as daddy licked me the better that I felt. I started pressing my little cunny down on daddies face grinding harder and harder. I yelled telling my Nana it felt like I needed to go potty but she said no sweetie you are going to cum by having incest with your daddy. She leaned forward and sucked on my nipples and told me she was about to cum too. She said now cum with Nana Camilla, within a few minutes we both came so hard together. It was the best family fun I have had in a very long time

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