Fuck Me on a Football Field

Squirting Phone Sex


I am a little dirty smut slut I know this it’s no secret I love to do the nastiest most fucked-up things in the nastiest most fucked-up places. I have been wanting to fuck this guy Kevin for about 3 months now and I’ve been wanting everyone to see me getting fucked by him because from what I hear his cock is so fucking huge. I also heard that he was the king of licking pussy and believe me I need a royal tongue to wipe up and down my clit and all over my gushy squishy tasty scrumptious pussy. I have decided the place where I want to be fucked by Kevin, I want to be fucked by Kevin on the 50-yard line on the football field during halftime at a game with a full fucking audience. I deserve some dick and I deserve to show everyone how to take dick well. It’s going to be epic oh my God yes yes.

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