Fuck me in this club daddy!

Fantasy Phone SexBeing fucked hard, having you pound mt dripping wet cunt in the corner of this club is probably the sexiest thing I’ve done this week! I love to find new victims who I can use for my pleasure! Your cock is rock hard and the way you pound me, well baby let’s just say you have high hopes of being my sneaky link! I meet your thrusts, begging you to hit the magic spot so I can soak this floor and your cock. I hope they have a wet floor sign! Of course, you don’t disappoint! Your cock it so big and stretching me out as I squirt hard all over your cock! God baby you know your way around a pussy huh, I think as you spread my legs and drive in.  you sit and I hover over your face. We have no shame as you eat this pussy just right causing me to shake in pleasure. You tongue dodges from my sweet wet juicy cunt to my tight little ass! Eat me up baby! I’m not a snack in the whole meal! We are putting on a show in this club and honey the grand finale will be worth the wait! You get me so wet as you stand and hold me tight against you before your cock is forced I’m my ass. I cry out in pain pleasure and shock! Damn baby! We should have charged a cover charge for this show because everyone will leave surprised, and satisfied, by everyone I mean you and me baby, the only ones that matter!

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    • Abbott on May 23, 2022 at 11:45 AM
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    Demi, thanks for being such a juicy slut for me.

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