Fuck Me Hard

hot squirting pussyYou know how much I love to suck a big cock while you watch and stroke your little dick. It makes me so wet just having YOU watch me. I love knowing that seeing me swallow that big cock is what makes you cum. But today you were different and in such a great way. The way you used your tongue on my neck down to my back teasing me. Making me want so much more and you gave it to me, didn’t you. Sticking your tongue in my little puckered asshole, eating my ass, making me moan and beg for more. Then you flipped me over and worked on my cunt. Licking, sucking, fucking it with you hot wet tongue, oh God you made me feel so amazing, my pussy tingling, cum dripping in your mouth. And when you moved up and had me lick all my sweet pussy juice off your face, baby you had me cumming again. But then you went and stuck that little dick in my pussy and fucked me real hard, I wrapped my legs around your hips and held tight as you pounded into my soaking wet cunt. Thank you for the fucktastic time. I can’t wait until you make me cum around that cock again!

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