For a Good Time Call

My phone was blowing up with guys calling and I couldn’t figure out why. These were guys that I have never met and did not know. I am like what the hell? Why are all these guys calling me all of the sudden? How did they get my number? Well one of the guys sounded really hot so I asked him how he got a hold of my number? He told me my name was all over the guys dorms bathrooms, saying “For a good time call” and then my name and number! I know I am slutty but geez. He also said it is on these guys facebook page too!!! It is spreading around like wild fire! But you know what? It really is kinda a turn on for me! Knowing all of these guys want me and I am a little fuck slut! I think I really do want to fuck all of those guys calling because of the “For a good time call” in all the guys dorms bathrooms and facebook!

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