Her First Taste Of Chocolate

hot phonesex vinnyHe was so shy about asking me how I came to love big black cock. but I could see his dick growing as I told him all about it. he squirmed around in his chair as his cock put itself in a very uncomfortable position.
He looked at me and spilled the beans. He wanted to see his little four foot six, lily white, prim and proper girlfriend get fucked by two big black dicks. He had been dreaming of it forever now and he needed to make it happen.
I assured him that I could do that for him in exchange I wanted him to fuck me while she was getting stuffed full of hot cum. He agreed without hesitation.
We met at the hotel that night. She had no clue what was about to happen to her. She thought we were having a little threesome. He was so excited I was afraid he was going to cum before anything happened.
We sent her in the bathroom to get into the teddy he brought for her. When she came out we laid her on the bed and handcuffed her. That is when we let my friends in.
Seeing them towering over her on either side of the bed, their dark skin and huge dicks contrasting against her pale skin and tiny frame made me cum. They stood there stroking their cocks over her face, taking turns pushing their huge heads dripping pre-cum between her pink lips.
He was standing next to me beating his meat for all it was worth. Then one of my big black friends got between her knees and started rubbing her pussy lips with his huge dick. I got on my hands and knees next to the bed so he could fuck me doggy style while watching that huge black dick bury itself in her tight pink pussy.
He lasted a lot longer then i thought he would, fucking me hard and fast like a wild animal while he watched her get fucked over and over again.
I think his fantasy was fulfilled.

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