Fin Domme Princess

Financial Domination Phone Sex

Okay so if you’re going to keep enjoying this beautiful pussy, I’m going to need you to take
care of a few things for me. Firstly- I need to be able to go shopping at least 3 times a week,
be able to buy whatever the fuck I would like and I need you to just hand the card over without questions
or any second to think about the total on the register. Second- You do whatever The Princess says.
That may mean I want you to lick my asshole clean three times a day, it shouldn’t matter because
you are my man and not the other way around. Third- Don’t ever tell me the N-word. I am talking about
“No”. I don’t understand it, I have absolutely zero clue what it even means. I’ve never heard it before
I cannot relate. Now that we have our rules all set up, get down to those knees and worship me. From my pretty
pink toenails up to every single blonde hair on my head. Any questions?

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