Festival Time

A friend of mine went to the 50 Shades of Fetish Festival in Folsom. She took a whole bunch of pictures and came back with all kinds of stories. Believe me when I tell you we will try each and everyone of them before the festival comes back around next year. And next year we will be going together with out a doubt.
But my favorite fetish and picture that she brought back is the idea of dressing as an animal and interacting sexually. There were people dressed like dogs and cats and just about every kind of animal you could imagine. But I love the man dresses as a colorful horse pulling his mate in a carriage. I love that he is a beautiful blue horse with a multicolored mane. It is almost like he is combining his fetish with the mystical unicorn and yet the traditional horse. The idea that they not only role play but enjoy dressing like this and acting out in public makes my cunt so fucking hot I can’t stand it.
I don’t know what we will do when we go next year but the research in the mean time is going to be a blast!

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