Fantasy Slave

Fantasy Phone Sex

You already know I am a sex slave and I will do anything to keep My master happy. Tonight I am yours. You are in love with my doll-like looks and my huge tits. I undress for you and you see my perfectly shaved snatch. You come close to rub the silky smoothness.  I don a pair of handcuffs because you think its sexy. I am commanded on my knees to suck you dry.  My handcuffed hands holding your magnificent fuck rod as I slurp and lick you. My hair is grabbed and you hump my mouth till you are ready to cum. You pull out and deliver the biggest cum shot all over my tits. I love being your sex toy. I know I am every mans fantasy. I know my place and I am bent over to have my exit hole reamed over and over till you are ready to cum again. This time my face is loaded with all that cum, and you lick it off a little before demanding me on the table legs spread wide. You taste my sweet pussy before you cram your dick into my hole, pounding me until I think the table will collapse. This time you pull out to shove it in my ass and shoot that massive load in my ass hole. I love being used by you. It’s been a while. Wanna Play?

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