Family Fun with Demi

Family Fun Phone Sex

We are a second-generation incest family.  I have four offspring sired by my father.  I love talking about my incest family and the fun and naughty things we do together.  I teach my Rugrats many things about sexuality, sensuality, and life in general and sometimes they teach me lessons too.  My son, Robbie loves to come into my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning to wake me up with his cock pressed against my ass.  He loves to fuck me in the morning to start his day off the right way.  He has a voracious appetite for all things sexual and never seems to get enough.  There are some mornings where Robbie makes the rounds to me and then his three sisters.  Everyone should always start their day with an orgasm.

Robbie and his twin Rachel often share a bed a night.  They enjoy each other’s company and love fucking each other.  They have been together since the womb, theirs is a pretty close, unbreakable connection.  I love watching Robbie and Rachel fuck each other.  They are always trying new positions and lots of tantric sex.  They can stay in their room for hours of teasing and pleasing each other.

I let all my little ones watch pornography.  It gives them an education.  Sometimes they make their own home movies.  For obvious reasons, we cannot put those on the sites that post homemade porn, but we all enjoy watching each other fuck.

We love new friends.  Why don’t you come join my little brood for a while?

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