Erotic Anal


Hot Ass Sex Paris



Worship my ass like it’s your golden god. Open my cheeks up gently and tease my rosebud asshole with your tongue till it drives me insane. My pussy will be dripping wet but it’s erotic anal you are here for. Kiss your way back up my inner thighs and go back to teasing and playing with my tight sexy ass. Your cock is probably throbbing, isn’t sweetie? I think its time you let me get it nice a wet with my mouth so you can drive it into my ass. I turn around and suck you till it aches but that’s when it’s finally ready to ride my bum so I can take your cum. You keep pounding away, grabbing my hair up in a tight ponytail to help you gain leverage while you fuck my asshole deep. Are you about to cum? Fill my ass up please, papi. I want every drop of you inside me. You explode and I love the way it feels when you slide out of me but I can feel your cum dripping out of my asshole. I’m so glad we finally got my anal training taken care of.

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