Educating Mommy


My little guy brought home a note about a meeting at school, so I went to see what it was all about.  I went to the meeting and of course there are so many people there who don’t like me because they know I am a cock whore, but that doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me is the bitch who was in charge – I don’t even know her name, but she was rude and kept saying things about me being a bad person because I like cock.  Why was she even talking about this, I mean “Seriously?”  Who does she think she is, and how does any of this affect my little man’s ability to do math?  I started to leave and she walked out with me.  We walked passed this door and she stopped.  I looked at her and turned to leave, but she asked me to stay and talk to her for just a second longer.  I agreed and went into the room with her, it wasn’t a room – it was ore like a closet.  The fucking janitor’s closet!  Oh my fucking hell!  I told her to move so I could leave and she shoved me to the ground.  She sat on my face so quickly that I didn’t realize her shaved pussy was being shoved in my face.  She started grinding her hips into my face and my mouth couldn’t close.  She slapped me and told me to make her cum or she was going to rape me with every object in that room.  I did as she demanded, and ate her pussy until she came all over my face.  I was kept in there for hours as she used me, and sometimes others would join in but I didn’t recognize anyone.  When they were done fucking me the door opened and my husband walked in.  He picked me up, carried me to the car, took me home and fucked me.  It turns out he planned the entire event for me as a surprise.

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