Earn your shit!

Mommy phone sexMy little fucking whores had the fucking NERVE to ask me to buy them that new bat game coming out this week! They seem to think that since I have been pimping them out more lately that I am willing to just throw my money away on shit for them! I almost beat the fuck out of them for even asking! But instead I am thinking this is a learning opportunity. My fucking little whores need to learn if they want something they have to work for it! Of course they will have to work for it AFTER they earn me my stuff! I have set up a little fucking party for them On Sunday Morning. Fathers day! I know a lot of Daddies who want to be able to fuck up a little slut before they fuck them. This is going to be a hard lesson for my whores! I know they are gonna get used hard. Slapped around and gaped open. But I bet all the pounding they take will make them appreciate that fucking game more!

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