Doing it in Style

My friends know what kind of girl I am. When they are giggling saying the cant do something.. one of them will always say “But Katy Can!” I have proven that I can do anything. I was the first to take it up the ass. I was the first to do a 3 some. I was the first to fuck my teachers and their friends. So when the new HOT teacher said we had to learn different writing style and assigned us all ANIME! I knew it was a chance for me to shine. I was trying really hard to get the teachers attention.. and now I knew just how to do it! I wrote the NASTIEST anime story I could think of. I was the main character who loved to fuck everyone! And at the end I fucked my teacher in the story. Well he got the message. He had me stay after the class to discuss my story. I thought I was in trouble. When the class was empty he said “if I wanted he cock I just had to ask… ” So in my sweetest voice I asked him to fuck me. He pushed me down on top of his desk and shoved that big dick right up my pussy! He held me down calling me his little whore. Giving me exactly what I needed. He fucked me so hard he bruised my legs against his desk. And when he came inside me. He told me “ my ass belongs to him now” mmmm what ever! He gave me an A and a good fuck. What more could I want!

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