Do Me Like A Whackadoodle

Oooooh, my horny little whackadoodle. You know what you did….Last night, you came into my office and wanted to peel off my clothes and ravage me sore, doing all those naughty things to me that your dick’s been dying for.

And I let you.

In fact, I begged you for more….You had a little gift for me, and it went like this: your hands gripped my tits; the weight filled out to press against the curve of your palms…hot and ready to squeeze the life from me through my swinging jugs. You looped¬†your fingers into the waistband of my shorts, and shoved me against the desk, pressing me there with your widening hips. Your hardening bulge told me you wanted to get that dick inside….and as you ground your cock against my plump ass, I could feel your seed flooding to burst a bloom inside me. You flipped me around, and your hands were so much bigger when they slid down the front of my panties. My thighs spread immediately, like you could control them with your need, and I wanted your rock-solid cock to like my smooth, velvety pussy. So I hopped up on the edge of the desk, and my legs lengthened as I wrapped them over your shoulders and behind your neck. I wanted you to take me…

You banged my pisspole pocket while I clawed at you to screw me harder. The mushroom head of your screwstick swelled inside my walls, tightening my pussy while your own fucking rod widened inside my slick folds. With your pre-cum drizzling down my wanting inner walls, I bounced up and down primally, my waist dipping inward as your enlarged hands squeezed my hot flesh.

You knew what to do, baby…

Your hot, wet mouth found my silken rosebud nipple, zooming in and compressing to focus the tiny tip of my nub on the sharp edge of your teeth. You shoved that beefpole slathered with love butter up inside my slick twat deep. Your junk grew like Pinocchio to bang, BAM! against my cervix–and I groaned like a slutty fucking wild mountain lion. Slapping against your cock audibly, my pussy drowned itself in the moisture of your PH levels. Burst your ball sacs and shove that fuckrod right up my velvet canal. While you screwed me, my beef curtains clenched around your cock to stimulate the hot, wanting nerves in your bangbuddy as I rode you hard. Delirium from pleasure overtook us as the texture of your skin changed. Rough, just how I like it, and the pads of your fingertips wildly massaged my clit. When we sank together, uncontrollably, I felt your splooge shoot through me like a firework. Untamed arousal drew us together as our peak swam down, and I felt myself shrinking into a jizzum pool of baby gravy just as wet and helpless as your schlong cream swimming through my pussy.

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