Dirty Waitress

Cum Slut Phone Sex

I am feeling exceptionally naughty, tonight. Why? You might ask. Because I just received the best spontaneous fuck I’ve had in a long time. I met him while I was working my usual shift as a cocktail waitress, last night.
This man was so fucking hot. I could smell his testosterone oozing from his pores. He’d been flirting with me all night and tipping me quite generously.
I finally asked him to meet me by the liquor room in the back of the club. I made sure no managers or employees were around and we quickly snuck in. He didn’t waste any time. Nor did I for that matter.
He lifted me up on top of one of the counter tops, slid my skirt up over my hips, passionately pulled my satin pink thong to the side and aggressively pushed the thick head of his HUGE cock into my dripping pussy. He grabbed a fist full of my dark hair and yanked my head back with some force and uttered the words ‘God, you’re so fucking hot!’ as he pushed his cock deeper into my cunt.
It wasn’t long until I felt him fill me all the way up copious amounts of cum. I told him to keep my pink panties as I’d continue my shift without them, whilst enjoying the sensation of his cum sliding down my thighs as I took drink orders.

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