Dirty Kurtie dicked down

sissy phone sex

My sissy phone sex slut is back at it again, pleading and begging for BBC and dirty dick. That’s right little kurtie wants to be taken by a filthy dick that will infect her sissy ass. 

She knows once that big cock goes deep inside her ass, she will be the sissy fag for life. A raw dog that sissy slut and go balls deep. 

Kurt is no longer alive Kurtie lives on and will be taking all the BBC she can imagine. What kind of dirty sissy loves cock that her sister has? Of course, it’s messy, kurtie. 

Taking those sloppy seconds and wanting so badly to be a woman, she will always only be a sissy who is following in her sister’s footsteps. 

Kurtie couldn’t make it like a man, and now she’s a sissy for life and wants to get aids to cause shes is such a gross fuck slut. She is begging to be exposed. All roads lead to kurtie 😉

She’s one nasty cum slut who will be at your beck and call as long as you use her ass pussy and make her the bottom bitch she is forever. 

Dirty kurtie is such a slut that she’s willing to pay you to fuck her sissy hole.

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