Dinner Party

I was recently asked to serve at a dinner party. I of course said yes. I love to serve. It was a very formal affair. I carried trays of food and refilled drinks. I did anything that was asked of me. I also served every single person there in one way or another. I tasted every cock and pussy there. I was passed around so many people. I was beaten and fucked and violated in every hole I have. I had so much fun. They had me at one point down on my hands and knees crawling under the table going from person to person licking their shoes. I really liked that I was not the only slave there too. I could see and hear the other slaves being abused just the same as me. One person had me eating another slave’s pussy while she got her asshole fisted by one of the guests. My favorite part was eating the pussy of one of the guests. She tasted so sweet. She came in my mouth too. Her juices were sliding down my face and chin. I turned my head and caught a load of cum on my face too. One of the guests then had another slave clean my face with her tongue. Oh I had so much fun! I can not wait to serve at another event.

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