Devil-Worshipper Priest Fucks My Ass Hard

Blasphemy Phone Sex


I was just fucked in the ass by a priest yesterday. Yes, a priest! A local church was having a food drive and I came there to help out. When I got there, I saw the priest who was older than me but still very tall and good looking. I am not a woman of God so I flirted with him while I was there, trying to lead him to sin. He finally stopped working when I grabbed his ass and whispered that we needed to go somewhere private. He takes me to his office and you do not believe what is there. This priest had a big Baphomet statue on his desk as well as other Satanic imagery. He told me that he didn’t give a fuck about God and that all he wanted to do was please his Master Satan by fuckigng as many women as possible. I take off my clothes and tell him to take me in the name of Satan. He bends me over, putting his cock inside of my tight ass. He tells me to scream “God is dead! Satan is my god now”. I moan it for him over and over, telling him that God is Satan’s bitch just like I am his. That sent him over the edge and he pounded my ass deeper and faster until he creamed inside of me. Who knew that a priest would be a devil worshipper who loves to fuck women in the ass?

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