Demi does Dallas

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My best friend Tina works as a nurse in the local hospital.  One night during a visit, I was walking by the nurse’s station when I saw a guy I used to date in one of the rooms.  I peeked my head into the room to say hi and noticed that he was unresponsive.  I looked at the notes on the white board hanging across from his bed, and it said, “induced coma”.  This guy, Dallas, was a longtime boyfriend a few years back.  He and I used to have the best time together.  He completely understood and even embraced my incestuous lifestyle.  I really missed Dallas.  He had the biggest cock I had ever seen.  My girls and even my little boy loved his 10-inch monster of a cock.  I decided to be a little naughty.  I went over to the door, closed it and propped a chair inside of the door to keep anyone from entering.  I pulled down my panties and lifted up my skirt.  I tore the covers off Dallas and sucked his huge Polish Kielbasa.   He started growing inside my mouth and dripping precum.  I got him nice and hard after sucking him for about 5 minutes.  My pussy was so wet, needing to ride this giant cock.  I climbed on top of Dallas and started to ride him.  He didn’t respond, he seemed to be sleeping, but his cock was certainly responding to my efforts.  I rode him hard, bouncing up and down on his huge member, filling up my pussy, stretching me to my limit.  I came hard with an intense orgasm, wishing Dallas was awake for this.  His cock gave way to cum filling my pussy with his juice and then he began to shrink.  I walked to the sink in his room and got a paper towel to clean him and myself off.  I didn’t want any evidence of my raping him.  I couldn’t wait to go visit Dallas again.

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