Cum shots on tits is what I get from daddy

I always got Cum shots on tits when daddy played with me. “Are you ready for daddy” he says as I open my eyes to see his daddy cock in his hand. He has groomed his little slut right. Therefore, I open my mouth and wait for him to stick his cock in it. While I choke on his cock daddy runs his hands down my belly to my panties. “Spread those legs for daddy,” he moans out. So, I do as he asks.

Cum shots on tits

Then his fingers dive right into my panties and start rubbing my young cunty. It always makes me wiggle and squirm as he rubs my clitty. “Keep on sucking daddies’ cock” he demands of me while I try not to throw up. That’s because daddy’s cock is so far down my throat. But daddy doesn’t care. He just wants to unload his thick gooey semen. “Don’t forget to play with daddies’ balls” he says as he continues to deep throat me.

All I can think of is his fingers on my cunty. The juices from my pussy on his fingers as he plays with my Wet bald pussy sound like he is stirring Mac and cheese. “You love eating your daddy’s cock” he moans out. Finally, I feel his balls tighten up. Then he pulls his cock out my mouth and sprays his thick load of jizz all over my young perky tits and face. No wonder I am addicted to Incest fucking. My daddy showed me how much fun it can be. He taught the whole family.

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