Dear Santa

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Dearest Santa,

Hey old man. I know your day isn’t for another 9 months, but the brats are asking for you because there is still fucking snow on the ground  so I figured I’d get a head start on all of our lists. Sabrina wants a dolly, Jasmine wants a puppy, Vanessa wants a pair of skates and they all want sleds. As for me, Santy, you know what I like. I like strap-ons, money, blow, whips and cuffs. Maybe some cute little bra and panty sets for the girls. You know how I can repay you, right, Santa? I keep all of the money for myself like a good little whore, but you can bend me over this tree and get yourself some hot ass sex. Use a chewed up candy cane for some spicy cool fun lube, and fuck me like the little Ho Ho Ho i am. Spin me over and slap my face. Tell me i’m a P-Mommy stripper, a whore, a slut, a nasty street walking VD ridden sorry excuse for a lady. Fuck my brains out, Santa. Mrs Claus doesn’t have to know, until you get home higher than a kite smelling like weed and pussy.  Then you can hate-fuck her and call her Demi as she milks the cum out of your cock with her wrinkly old twat. Can’t wait to see you, Santa!


xoxo, Demi

PS If you can’t tell, I’ve been very, very naughty this year.

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