Dear Amazon….

Phone sexDear Amazon,

Thanks again for having your annual prime day! I bought tons of fun things!

I got all kinds of vibrators and sex swings and chairs…it is a regular romper room for the sexually perverted!

However, I am just one tiny sweet young girl and I had no idea how to assemble all this stuff. I was so looking forward to just jumping right in and starting my own little fuck fest but now my tight little pussy is dripping and I am surrounded by nuts a screws (ha ha)!

So I thought, I bought all this from Amazon, maybe they could help a girl out!

And Amazon, you came through as always!

So I looked up  play set assembly, typed in my address and sure enough, you sent sent a couple guys over! Who knew!

They came with sexy belts and all kinds of tools!

I showed them my play room and one of the guys looked a little confused…explaining that this is not the type of play thing they assemble!

The other guy was more than happy to help!Adult phone chat

Watching these men make my little romper room was getting me even more excited! I love a man who can work with his hands!

I couldn’t wait to try everything out!

We played with everything!

The chair was perfect for sucking one guys meaty cock while having my tight little pussy pounded with the others bulging fuck stick!

The swing was so amazing! I was able to have a cock in my ass and a hard dick in my cunt at the same time!

I was getting fucked so hard that the plaster started coming off the ceiling!

But I loved it! My tight pussy and shit hole getting filled full of handy man cum!

We fucked for hours until the men were exhausted and I was dripping dick spit everywhere!

So I gave them a kiss and sent them home and then went straight to the fucking machineSo in short, I want to say thanks again for making my dreams come true!

Love always,


Amazon Rocks!


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