Daughter Blackmails Sissy Father

Blackmail Phone Sex

You didn’t think I would find you, did you Daddy? I knew there was something wrong when my panties and stockings were going missing. So, I hid under your bed to see what it is that you’re getting into. I can’t believe you’re a full-blown sissy! You’ve been sashaying around in my panties and stockings, picking up random men and fucking them. I heard you talking on the phone with one of your hookups about how you want to get railed by his big fat black cock. I bet Mom has no idea how much of a cock whore you really are. It’s a good thing I have the whole thing recorded on my phone.

Get off your knees, Daddy, or you can stay there if you like. I’m not going to tell Mom about your feminization fetish. I do, however, need you to give me something in return. I need you to come over here and eat my pussy. That’s right! You can’t steal my panties and get away with it. Lick my pussy now or I’ll expose your faggot ways!

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