Daddy’sTrashy Cash Cow

breeding phone sex big tits trashy whoreDaddy ordered me to his place early yesterday morning. I was instructed to dress as trashy as possible. He wanted me to look like a blonde bimbo; a trashy whore. It was my own father who bought me my boobs. He always told me I was good for only three things: sucking, fucking and breeding.  Before I arrived, I got some Botox to puff my lips out, and got my hair bleached platinum blonde.  I even got some trashy press on nails. I slipped on the highest stilettos I own, paired it with a Lycra mini dress that was way too short and 2 sizes too small, put my chin up and boobs out and teetered over to his house.

When I arrived, there were 5 men sitting on the couch. I was ordered to strip down naked. Daddy treated me like a piece of meat. He spread my ass and my pussy talking about my ripe tight holes. He sucked on my huge tits to demonstrate how perfect they are for nursing. Clearly, I was being auctioned off by Daddy to breed a brat or two. Not the first time, not the last. When Daddy gets desperate for money he uses me as his cash cow. Makes me turn tricks, breeds me, even forces me to strip and do porn.

He haggled with the gentlemen for awhile, let them sample the merchandise then sold me to the highest bidder. I had to fuck my purchaser in front of him and the other men. While I was being bred, the others, including Daddy, circle jerked around me.  Before long I had baby batter ejaculated up my cunt, and spunk spewed on my big fake titties and whore face. The guy that bought the right to knock me up, let them all take turns fucking me. He didn’t really care who knocked me up, as long as I sired him a rugrat. He bought the rights to my offspring that he would then sell for 10 times the price he paid for my pussy on the black market. My holes were dripping with seed after a few hours of  gang banging me to put a bun in my bimbo oven. My Daddy even dropped two loads in his baby girl’s twat.

I spent the entire day being a breeding whore and a cump dump. I’m going to be forced to fuck like a purebred pup in heat, until they know I’m pregnant. I was told you could fuck me too. The more spunk inside my cunt, the better the odds in 9 months I can make my purchaser a very rich man.

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