Daddys Nut in my butt

anal phone sexMy stepdad and I would fuck for hours while my mom was busy working her night shift. We would experiment with all kinds of positions, and when I became a breeder, we had to switch to some anal play instead. So when I have anal phone sex, a part of me always seems to imagine it’s my stepdaddy on the line.

I became his ass slut because he would fear knocking me up. I’m sure some of you have fantasies of fucking the shit out of your teen stepdaughters or daughters. I knew how to get his cock off with my tight bum. I’d let him shove his cock balls deep inside my ass and let him penetrate me so fucking well. Feeling the hot gooey cum would drive me wild. All I could think about was that hot cream goo in my cunt. Eventually, he assimilated me to take plan b and watch my cycle so he could fuck me freely in my pussy. I must say that getting my ass pounded made me a nymph. I’d scream at the top of my lungs for daddy nut in my butt.

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