Daddy’s Lil Princess

Daddy always says I’m the trailer park’s trashiest princess, and he always treats me like it too! I get to wear all the pretty, pink, frilly stuff that all the other girls do, but Daddy likes to make sure that my outfits show off my hot little teen body just right. My hair goes up in cute pigtails and I always put on lots of eyeshadow and mascara. That way, when Daddy sticks his hard cock all the way down into my tiny throat and makes me choke and cry, my tears make my makeup run all down my face, and I really do look like Daddy’s trashy slut! He likes to dress me up in princess dresses with teenie princess panties and then pull on my pigtails so that my wide open mouth wraps all the way around his big cockie until the whole thing disappears into my wet little mouth! Then, once I’ve choked on his cock enough, Daddy bends his little slut over and finally gets to feel my tight, wet pussy walls rubbing on that huge cock until he explodes all over me. Then, I get to be Daddy’s cum slut princess, covered in all that sticky white cream!

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