daddy knows

hot ass sex

I enjoy hot ass sex with big juicy cocks. When the opportunity presented itself, I took it and didn’t even know I was being watched. Daddy called me into his office to have a chat with me.  I felt like something was wrong with the tone of his voice, but I went along and thought maybe I was overthinking what I was supposedly hearing. When I walked into his office, he gave me a look he told me to sit down. My body began to become very anxious. He looked at me with a specific look in his eyes. I knew something was up. The silence was killing me. It felt like forever. Daddy began to tell me that he knew about my dirty Secret. ” Caprice honey, I know about Daryl” At this point, my heart fell to my stomach. As I began to deny what he was about to say, he told me not to try to cover up with lies because I have the proof. So Daddy knew that I was fucking his assistant. ” Caprice, you know there are cameras all over the house. Yes, granted, this is a big house, and sometimes things get left unseen.  The thing is I’ve been suspecting something the way you get all giddy and nervous around Daryl.  Why don’t you show me how stretched out that pussy is from his big black cock. Woah, I couldn’t believe what Daddy was saying to me. Little did Daddy know I had just had a load from Daryl in my cunt.  I had a feeling Daddy knew because he began to spread my legs. I had a dress on with no panties, and he began to lick that creamy jizz  that had just been dispensed about 30 minutes ago.” oh caprice, you’re all wet and creamed up, baby girl daddy wants to eat.  My legs began to shake, and I couldn’t believe he was eating Daryl’s cream pie out of me.  When Daddy finished, he told me not to stop fucking Daryl because he wanted to keep eating that treat between my legs.

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