Daddy Betrayed Me With a New Girl

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I was surprised to come home the other day to another girl around my age sitting on the couch with my Daddy. Who was this girl and why was she sitting so close to my Daddy?! I bolt of rage shot thru me and I gave her a nasty look as I walked thru the door. She smiled smugly and I watched in horror as Daddy slid his hand across her way in a very affectionate way. I was speechless and I could feel my face hot and red, I knew they could see. “Leslie, this is my friend Scarlett, she came over to help me today. You remember last week when I told you I didn’t want you wearing anymore slutty clothing to school? I stopped by your classes today and saw what you left the house in is not what you were wearing so I think it’s about time you learned some respect…and Scarlett is going to help with that.” I stared at him stunned… what the fuck was this?! But I didn’t even have time to think, suddently this Scarlett girl was kicking and punching me – talking shit the whole time too! I curled up in a ball and took the blows and cried. I can’t even tell you how many times she beat me…there was so much blood. And once she was done she dragged me by my hair to the bedroom, Daddy was there cock in hand and something else that scared me like no other. I looked at Daddy pleadingly, but I could tell he felt no mercy and I could see how turned on Scarlett was…and I was ashamed to admit my wet pussy was starting to become obvious and they would soon know what a little whore I really am… And it didn’t take long and my panties were being ripped off and I was screaming for more screaming for the pain and I saw Daddy smile and say “That’s right my little painslut.”

2 Girl Phone Sex

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