Cunning Caprice

Sometimes men try to be good.  You can’t really fault that.  I mean a guy that’s dedicated to his girlfriend or wife is all noble and stuff right?  And that’s where I come in!  See I like the challenge.  The guy that says he doesn’t want my tight teen body but we both know he keeps stealing glances.  All it takes is the proper motivation and that cock is mine.  Older guys are very hot to me.  A married man trying to be good just looking for the right young girl to tempt him is what I’m looking for.  How can you say no?  I’ll look so sweet and so cute and do that pouty thing with my lips.  “You don’t want me?”  POUTS.  “But, I like you so much and I thought……”.  One little hug later you are drawn right into my little trap and my sweet body is rubbing up against you.  Your big hard cock gave you away.  Now I know I’ve got you!

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