Cum unwarp your Christmas Suprise!

I love Christmas! It is right around the corner. I love to let new friends unwrap my present. My stocking is always full of something fun. Mine is full of a thick hard black cock! I know you want to take every inch of this hard thick cock of mine! So come on. Show me how much you want this! Get on your knees and open your mouth. Let me feed you my chocolate cock! Get it really wet for me! Sloppy wet. Then I am going to force this big hard cock deep inside that cherry little pussy of yours. I know how bad you need it. And I am going to give you everything you need. I am going to fuck you so hard you will be filling this cock for DAYS! And after I ride you good and hard. I am going to fill you up with my thick cum.  I know exactly what you need. And I am just to girl to give it to you.

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