Cum and try my pie.


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It’s great american pie month and I am more than excited to submit my pie.
I have worked hard on it all night. I fallowed the recipe to the t except for a few more ingredients. This year I will get first place in the pie contest. I start out with a 4 teaspoons of my boyfriends cum to add to the flavor of my cherry pie. I suck his cock hard. I take every inch of in down my throat to make sure I get him ready and full of cum. Then I let him fuck my throat, he makes me choke and gag on his cock. When he is about to cum he releases my face and I grab a measuring cup to collect his cum. He smiles and gives me a kiss and sends me back into the kitchen. I start my cherry’s with some sugar and heavy cream on top of the stove and one its at a boil I take it off the heat and spread out the sugary goodness on the pie crust. Then I add his cum, making sure it is mixed into the pie. Then I get my lattice work done on the crust. Before I put the pie into the oven I grab a big mixing bowl and my favorite glass dildo. I squat over the bowl and start rubbing my pussy and fucking my g-spot until I squirt my load into the bowl. I use my cum to wet the top of the pie to give it that gorgeous golden brown look. While the pie is baking I add the rest of our cum into a bowl of heavy cream and sugar to make the perfect whipped cream to go with my yummy pie. I love our secret ingredients but I love watching the judges take bites of my pie. It turns me on to watch them eat and enjoy our cum!


phone sex fetish

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