Cuckolding Sensation

Cuckolding Phone Sex

Ronnie has a really small cock and that means he can’t satisfy me and this would usually be the biggest deal breaker, but Ronnie doesn’t like breaking deals one bit. He can’t fuck me right, so he has got this big Black cock strong guy he works with, who adores the smell of my hair and I will bet good money he loves the thought of putting his nose all in my cunt and his rock hard dick in my gaping asshole. Ronnie invited his gorgeous coworker over for dinner and drinks with me in mind for desert of course. We got loaded out of our minds just completely hammered to the max. Ronnie’s Black stallion coworker made his way over to me and lifted me off the ground ripped my panties off and poured his tongue in my wet cunt hole. Ronnie grabbed his own cock and started beating the fucking skin out of it. I was moaning and screaming because it was so fucking dirty and yummy. Ronnie’s coworker is coming over tonight again, do you want to watch?

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