Cuckolding Phone Sex Katy

Call me a whore, but I’m a good one. I need it. My pussy and my ass deserve a good hard pounding all the time, and you’re not able to give that to me fully. Oh, you try, but you know you’re not enough to satisfy me, not hung like those guys in the pornos I love, banging a bitch deep, with their big dicks, and leaving her limp after they’ve fucked her every which way from Sunday.  Tonight I’m going to cuckold you.  I’m going to make you sit right there and watch as I strip and tease you, showing you my wet delicious holes, but not allowing you to enter them.  I’ll tell you to jerk off hard – but instead of letting you fuck me, I’m going to fuck two big cocks right here while you watch and stroke and wish you could please me like that.  Are you humiliated, my cuckold, that you can’t fuck me the way they can?  Do you like seeing me get nailed the way I need to be, made feel like a woman and a whore, while you hold your cock in your own hands, watching everything, only dreaming you could?  Maybe I will let you clean up their cum from my holes – fill my pussy and my ass with their hot cream pies and have you clean up the mess they made…

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