Cuckolding Fun With Mariah


My friend Alesta was visiting my boyfriend and I. Being bi-sexual I mentioned how cute Aleata was with her sexy little curvy body. I knew he liked her as soon as he saw her, but he got a big surprise when he came home from work one night. Alesta and i we’re naked in our bed kissing and rubbing each others shaved pussies. I was starry eyed and turned on. “Hey you” I said, he said, “hey back babe, can I join in?” we looked at each other and smiled. I knew I was in for it. I looked at him and said NO! you may sit in that chair and watch us.
So of course he did and watched me kiss Alesta’s sexy little body down her tummy, and start to flick her pussy with my tongue. Alesta’s cooed a little, and let out a soft moan as i licked her pussy tenderly and flicked her clit until Alesta came hard. Then I laid back as Alesta returned the favor by slipping 2 fingers into my warm pleasure pot and lapping at my clit until i moaned and came all over her fingers and lips. My man unzipped and pulled out his 10 inch hard on and began to stroke it with lust as he watched.
I then got Alesta on her hands and knees. I tickled and fingered her pussy playfully as i opened her cupcake ass cheeks, and licked her tender rosebud with soft strokes. “Mmmmmmmm” eat my ass” Alesta moaned with desire as she reached another sweet orgasm. The next thing I knew i was thrown on to my back as Alesta got between my long legs and began to rub her shaved pussy against my shaved pussy. My boyfriend was craving the 2 of us so bad as I’m sure he could feel the heat in the room begin to suffocate us, as the two of us grinded our love makers together in a motion of lust like I’m confident he had never seen. When my best friend and i let out a loud moan of hot passion. we had gotten where we both needed to be. A warm wave of ecstasy crashed over us. After kissing and cuddling for a while, Alesta got up, gave my boyfriend a peck on the lips, and whispered we hope you had fun.
I then crawled across the bed and with the look of lust, and wanting towards my boyfriend’s throbbing rod.” Are you for ready for me babe?”  I got up out of the bed, walked over, and ran my long legs across his lap, and gently began to tease him, and said, “How did you Like the show?”

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