Craigslist NAS

The other day when I was playing with my clitty, I was thinking it would be so hot if I could find a much older guy to come over and get his dick wet. I  really don’t want them as a boyfriend because I can get that in school. It would be nice for me to find a pervert that come over to my house after school and give me his dick before mommy and daddy get home from work. So I was looking on Craigslist the over day and I found the NAS list of guys that are looking for the same thing I am. *lol* Then I found an add with a picture of a guy’s huge cock and I had to call. So when I called him to come over to my house, I lied about my age and told him to get here quick. Within that hour he was deep inside my pretty pink hole and pinching my nipple until they got pointy. By the time he nutted in me, my mommy and daddy would be home any time so I kicked him out of my bed and pushed him out the door. That was totally awesome! Thank you Craigslist!

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