Conjuring the Dead

Conjuring the Dead – The Unlikely Accomplice:  I was bored of my usual dark endeavors.  Recruiting a sick pervert here and there had it’s thrill but after a while became stale and repetitive.  I wanted to strike fear in the hearts of my victims before ever laying a hand upon their innocent bodies or before whispering my deadly intentions into their ears.  Lying in a remote long forgotten cemetery late at night, rubbing my cunt in distraction, it came to me.  DEATH.  I imagined the terror in their eyes seeing a walking corpse as my night in rotting armor.  Just the thought of it made my pussy gush.  I knew what I had to do.  I conjured the sickest fuck I could find.  He erupted from the ground with a loud explosion.  In the smoke I saw that terrifying figure, lumbering towards me.  He saw into my very soul and knew he was dealing with the Mother of all Evil.  Those skeletal hands gently rubbed down my body in anticipation of the nights events.  I told him I found an orphanage that might interest him very much.  With a voice devoid of humanity he laughed loud enough to stir the rest of the dead.  We walked hand in hand in the moonlight to corrupt the minds, bodies and souls of our unsuspecting victims. 

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