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Cum Slut Phone Sex

I have been wanted all of my life it seems like to me, so what’s the difference in one more horny motherfucker wanting to shove his huge cum-filled cock in my pussy to me. It’s a rhetorical question, Dr. I know my job is making all of us girls do this mental evaluation, but I think it’s stupid. You asked me what makes me think of myself as a dirty whore well, that would be because I thrive on the fact that I can get paid from fucking some boring-ass superior, self-righteous bitches husband. I love thinking of how I am the woman who satisfies him while she sits home on her ass, getting fat. I know I’m a whore, but at least I get to have fun, at least I get to fuck a host of divine cocks whenever I want. Doc I think I’m amazing and if you let your guard down, I think we could be amazing together. I know we’re not here to help you but if you let me get down on my knees like this. Don’t stop me Doc let me put your obviously rock hard cock into my slutty mouth. MMM, Doc you taste so fucking delicious I can tell you like mangos. Don’t’ worry; I won’t tell any of the other ladies what we are doing; it will be our little secret. Doesn’t that feel good the way I wrap my warm lips around your man monster? Relax and enjoy doctor. I’m going to make you feel like a man should feel. I’m going to make you explode.

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