Come give it to me

I have been sitting here rubbing right between my tits. All I can think about is have a big young thick straight cock, sliding right between my tits. I want to taste that thick mushroom head as it slips thru my tits. Licking the tip till I taste the first drop of your pre cum. That’s when I will wrap my big tits around your thick and squeeze as I suck the head of that delicious cock in my mouth. That’s right baby fuck my mouth. You know what I need. I need that young dick to fill my mouth and give me a preview of what you’re going to do to my hot tight cunt. Grab my head and push my mouth all the way down on your cock till I can feel your balls on my face. Fuck my hot mouth till you have to feel my cunt on you. Then push me down and ram that fucking cock inside me. That’s what I need. Young hard dick making me scream with pleasure. Fuck my cunt making me cream all over you till you feel that cunt to the rim with your hot cum. You know you want it as much as me. Come give it to me.

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