Come With Me to the Dark Side!

It was like a costume party. Pale skin people dressed in all black, chains, spikes, and lace. I felt out of place in my floral mini and high heel pumps, but the girl I came with reassured me that I would fit in perfect when we were all naked. The clothes came off pretty fast. Me and two raunchy girls escaped to a back bedroom where there was a swing and an array of items obviously used to make sex so much better. It was dark, it was eerie, but it was so intriguing. I  couldn’t wait to be all in. I wanted to try everything.  These gothic girls showed me just how hot my body could get. Everything was like a beautiful nightmare, tortuous yet fulfilling. I was scared and horny at the same time. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to regular kinky sex. I have been brought over to the dark side and I like it!

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