A Coke and a Smile

Submissive Phone SexRecently my husband’s boss came over and told me my husband was getting a promotion but there were strings attached and I was that string, I had to do poppers with him and let him fuck me so that my husband would get the promotion. Well yesterday at work they told my husband about his promotion and let him know there was a huge celebration after work at a very nice hotel downtown. He was so excited when he called me to tell me his good news and told me to wear one of my nicest and sexiest dresses and to meet him at the hotel at 7:30. His boss had rented the ball room and the entire office was there with all their spouses. We had a great dinner and everyone was dancing and laughing and having a great time, it was a very nice celebration and you could tell how happy it made my husband, I was so proud of him and I would never tell him about what I had to do for him to get the promotion.

As the party was starting to wind down my husband’s boss took me aside and handed me a room and a back of coke, he said, here have a coke and smile and we will see you in the room in a little while. I knew my night just went from a celebration to a night of total abuse and pain. As soon as I got to the room I did so many lines of coke that I made sure to get really high so that whatever took place I could handle. It was about 45 minutes before my husband came into the room and I could tell my the look on his face he knew exactly what was about to happen to me, and he moved a chair over to an out of the way corner and sat down. I hurried up and did a few more lines of coke just to make sure I was good and high.

It wasn’t long after that my husbands co-workers showed up, they put these huge pillows under parts of me and tied me to the bed. This made it easier for one to be under me fucking me in the ass while another had his cock in my mouth and then if I remember right they had two cock in my pussy at the same time. They fucked me and shot their cum all over me as well as in me. By the time they were done with me it was about four in the morning. My husband wrapped the hotel sheet around me and gathered my things and carried me out the back exit to the car. I don’t remember getting home or being put to bed, I only know that when I woke up I was in so much pain that my husband had to carry to me to the tub where I soaked until I could finally move. My body still hurts and the bruising on my ass my swollen pussy will take days to heal.

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