Where is the Coke?

Submissive Phone SexTonight I thought I would make another attempt at a romantic night with my husband, I had some coke left over from the other night so I cleaned the house, made dinner and got myself all dressed up in my new little outfit that I have only worn once before for him. Then I did a few lines of coke and it was right after that my husband called and said he would be home late so I knew my plans were shot once again. I fed my little man, cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed. I was reading a book when my little man came in my bedroom and I was surprised to see he had a friend with him.

My little man and his friend came into my bedroom and one pinned me down on the bed while the other shoved his little penis in my mouth, I pretended to be offended and upset which excited them all the more. Then my little man shoved his little penis inside my pussy and thrust as hard and as long as he could. He gets so angry because he can’t cum yet, but is what he doesn’t know is that he makes Mommy cum every time.

The guys took tuns shoving their tiny little penis’s into my mouth and pussy and even tried to fuck me in the ass. It was so damn cute, but no matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t get off. So after about an hour we heard the front door and knew it was my husband so the guys got dressed and went out to greet him. My husband asked them what they had been up to and my little man said, just taking care of Mommy until you got home. My husband smiled and patted him on the head and said good job! 

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