Cleaning up made me very dirty!

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Sunday was my day off. So, what did I do? Chores. Yup, everyone’s gotta do them, even crazy sex freaks like me and you! I started out by being a good girl – I cleaned my bedroom & made my bed. Moved my way into the kitchen, did all of the dishes, pots, and pans, washed the countertops and the stovetop, and even mopped the floor. Went and worked myself into the living/dining room, where I dusted off the appliances, polished the wooden furniture, and vacuumed the floors.

And I left the last, the worst, for last. I don’t know why I did that to myself. I was dreading it. I hate, I hate, cleaning the bathroom, with a deep, unabating passion. I think a part of me was hoping I’d exhaust myself so much cleaning the rest of my apartment that I could justify not cleaning the bathroom this time. But by the time I was done everything else, I was still feeling okay, so, grumpily, I trudged on in.

But I decided to make it a bit fun.

First, I kept my clothes on while scrubbing the toilet, because, ew. Got that out of the way.

But the shower? It’s the shower! Why would you wear clothes? Naked time, ding!

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I stepped in and sprayed it all down, but once I did, I realized I couldn’t clean it the rest of the way. So I had to find some way to entertain myself! I ended up reclining on the newly cleaned toilet seat and playing with myself, so much so that I had to clean the damn thing again!

After fingering myself to orgasm, I got a bit chilly, so I put on a bit of clothes (but not much) before wiping down the rest of the shower, bending over to scrub the bottom of the floor without touching the sides and getting chemicals all over me. Still, in the very end, when I had to wash out the shower, I stripped down again and got naked to wipe all the traces of the shower clean. After all, I needed some way to clean up all of the cum that was all over my fingers, hands, legs, and pussy!

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