Cleaning Off My Toy

ass to mouth phone sex

I get so turned on when guys are into ass to mouth phone sex. I knew this guy who would cum with me all the time over the phone, he would stroke his cock and I would rub my pussy and I would tell him all about my ass to mouth fetish. I have always loved feeling sexy and dirty and anything that made me feel like a kinky little whore would make my pussy wetter than you could imagine. I met this girl that I went to school with and she would come back to my place to hang out all the time. One night we were talking about boys and what kind of things we like. That’s how we discovered that we both love taking cock up our ass and then sucking it off. Cleaning up a cock made us feel like good little sluts. We got so fucking turned on that we couldn’t resist the urge to pull out my toys and play with them together. I had this pink double-sided dildo that I had been dying to use with her. We had so much fun cumming together. After we drenched my toy with our pussy juice we shoved it up our asses, rubbing out clits and squirting everywhere. Then we sucked it off and cleaned my toy off before I put it away.

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