Christmas office party

big tit photosMy job had another office party once again. I would love to tell you all about the naughty things I did. So why don’t you call me when your wife is away shopping all the big sales after Christmas. You know very well she’s going to be gone for hours on end. I’d love to fill you in on all the things I have done. I have been such a naughty little slut this year, Santa would be a little upset with me but I know you will love to hear about the ruckus my big tit photos made. My boss can’t get rid of his fantasy he just is reminded of how much he desperately wants to fuck me. I have slipped him a ton of nudes and each time he has resisted but on Friday he couldn’t take it anymore. We fucked right in his office. I got his cock poking out and decided it was time to suck and drain the cum out. Cody always gets what she wants. I got my Christmas gift alright, I made my boss weak and I got a promotion and a raise all in one day. I think it was well worth it. What will be the cherry on top this year would be making you cum and helping you jack off hard

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