Christmas office party

hot ass sexso the Christmas office party happened today and I didn’t think I would get my boss to surrender so fast but he did and I’m pretty happy he did. We were all supposed to dress festive and cute. I surely did my part in making sure I wore something that would catch his gaze. I wore a tight red dress and some pantyhose cause I know he loves pantyhose can tell by the secret porn stash I found in his draw, Yes I snooped a bit when everyone was gone out the office one day. I have thought about hot ass sex with him for what feels like an eternity and that’s such an exaggeration because I hate totally been in this new office for like a month now. I have been pretty persistent with him by my transparent flirting. He told to get naked for him tonight, after the party ended I stayed and cleaned up with him, He whispered to me how badly he wanted to fuck me in his office, So we did it, Right there after the Christmas party we couldn’t stop fucking I loved feeling him inside my cunt and feeling him grow. It wasn’t long till I had my tits covered. 😉

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