Chrismas Wishes


I have always loved Christmas. But let’s face it. Christmas is all about the little ones. I go out of my way to make sure I spread some Christmas cheer. It is never been too hard for me to slip into a tiny skirt and a tight sweater and find some young meat to please.  This year I went down to the skateboard park. So many young men. Skating freely. Enjoying themselves. I walked around till I found the one I was looking for. He was a loner. Didn’t seem to have any friends. He looked sad. And he had holes in his shoes. He was the one I was going to pass some Christmas joy on to. I walked right up to him and asked him if he could help me. He was VERY eager. So nice and polite. I offered him 40 dollars if he could move some of my furniture around in the house. He was happy to help. And I was happy to help him. When I got him home and took off my top he was putty in my hands. He had a nice hard cock for granny Rose! And I did make sure he left with a smile on his face. A cock drained of cum. AND 40 bucks for Christmas. I feel like Santa Claus!

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