Chocolate Treats for Rich Tricks


Cuckolding Phone Sex

When you’ve got a pussy like mine, you make everybody happy. I’m a chocolate brown sensation, and I know it because everyone’s boyfriend and husbands want me. My pussy is wonderful; it’s amazing, and I know that once you’ve gotten some of this sweet chocolate, you’ll be hooked like it was crack cocaine. Let me make your dreams come true; let me make your real fantasies come true. I’m not some boring reserved housewife. I am an alleykatt; my mama said pussy like ours should be on the stock market. I can ride your dick and make it behave like a warrior. Don’t you want some of this sexy chocolate pussy? Don’t you want to be weak from being worked over because I can make your dick feel like the super fucking star that it is? Bitches like me don’t come around often, so you better have your phone while the Katt is hot. Hot chocolate pussy is the best is so sweet and so warm, and your dick will feel so good inside. Let me make all those dreams come true. I know I’m the woman that you fantasize about because I’ve been looking, and I’ve been doing the nastiest things possible.

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