China Doll

Welcome to my kinky Asian Massage Parlor where the customer always cums first. I was born in China but adopted by a very wealthy white family and moved to the States. Went to the best schools and had everything I ever wanted. Spoiled. As I got a little older my parents thought it would be nice for me to experience some of my cultures and I would visit my biological family during the summer. It was at that time that I realized just how easy it would be to bring young Chinese girls to the states. Nobody wanted them there, but everybody wants them here. So, I decided to put my dirty desires and a trust fund to good use and open a massage parlor. I travel back and forth to visit, but I arrange for young, beautiful, light-skinned virgins to accompany me back. Can you say happy endings?
As the owner, I am also in charge. Some of you perverts get to play with the soft little cuties but some of you must endure my wrath. After all, I am China Doll. With me you will get special treatment and worship me as the goddess I am or if I am feeling naughty you will get a special punishment. Either way, I will be satisfied.
So, when you decide to enter my parlor, you can be met with the most obedient little fuck toys you can imagine. Nothing is too taboo, and nothing is off-limits. You pay to play and there are no rules in this game. However, if I decide I want you then you will become mine to do with as I please.
Come join me where fetish phone sex awaits you. You will be treated like a king or like trash. That decision is all mine.

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